A spiritual break

We are gladly welcoming people who are seeking the Lord:

  •  those who are seeking a place of spiritual refreshment, silence and peace
  •  those who are at a turning point in their lives and feel the need to take some time to reflect and to pray halte spirituelle abbaye saint martin du canigou
  •  young people (or not so young people!) who are seeking direction in their lives
  •  the baptised who desire to share in the fraternal and liturgical life of a community for a few days

  We are able to welcome single people as well as couples as available space allows.

Some information regarding the conditions of your stay: 

The length of the stay may be between 2 and 6 days (excluding Mondays). 
A written request should be made at least one week in advance.We don’t receive guests during the month of January or from the 21st of June until the 1st of October.
This time of retreat will not be preached.

It is proposed that you:

  • share in our liturgical life (attending at least two prayer times per day)
  • join us for mealtimes and washing up
  • participate in our communal life by offering one hour of service in the mornings

It is also possible to meet with a brother or sister of the community and to go to confession.

Each person may contribute to the cost of their stay according to their means in a spirit of sharing. As a guideline: welcoming a guest costs between 25€ and 30€ per day. In order to respect the life of the community here, as well as to allow you to have a fruitful stay, you are asked to keep a certain atmosphere of silence and reflection. In this way, you will be able to experience a time of contemplation as well as fraternal sharing (meals will not be in silence). 

Please note:

  • We are unable to provide accommodation for tourists, passing travellers, or pilgrim groups seeking a stop over. We do not have the structures of a hotel and it is quite easy to find guestrooms, hotels, and other accommodation nearby.
  • There is an unsupervised mountain lodge (6 beds) at the disposal of hikers for one night.