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The abbey of St. Martin du Canigou, from the viewpoint
Perched upon a rocky pinnacle at the heart of the massif of Mt. Canigou, the Romanesque Abbey of Saint-Martin is unveiled before the hiker's eyes after a climb that leaves the cares of the world behind in the valley. Just below the Heavens, enshrined in the green pines, this jewel of early Romanesque architecture hides a treasure evermore precious for men and women, young or just young-at-heart, anyone seeking a place to replenish the spirit: there lies the Presence of Jesus Christ, sung and praised for the last thousand years...

Here dwells the Community of the Beatitudes, to whom the Bishop of Perpignan entrusted this holy site since 1988, and who welcomes year-round the stream of hikers and pilgrims for guided tours and for the Liturgy. The Community also reveives guests who desire to spend a few days of spiritual retreat in order to open the ears of the heart to Him who is the Word.

This internet site provides information about the abbey of Saint-Martin-du-Canigou , the community who lives here, the guided visits, the liturgy and the possibilities for spending time here for spiritual nourishment. 
We desire that this site may serve as a place of meeting between our community and everyone who feels an attachment to our abbey for one reason or another.

Until we might welcome you in our cloister, we wish you a blessed visit to the corridors of the website.

The brothers and sisters of the Abbey of Saint-Martin-du-Canigou 

« If anyone thirst, let him come to me and drink. » Jn. 7:37

Bells of the abbey :

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